Madagascar: Conservation Works Best Alongside Reproductive Advocacy

If you want to be successful in any field, it’s a good idea to use every opportunity to meet people, learn from each other and cooperate. This doesn’t apply just to business but also conservation. Because as we all know, reinventing the wheel when you don’t have to is so ineffective! 

On the other hand, building powerful multi-sectoral partnerships can be very effective in achieving common goals. That’s the case of both Durrell and Marie Stopes Madagascar, two organizations that have trained 2,000+ farmers in climate-resilient agriculture, delivered family planning support to 2,700+ women, and contributed to an increase in the populations of bamboo lemurs and Madagascar pochards (a rare duck species). 

In this interview with Hanitra Rakotojaona (from Durrell) and Nantenaina Andriamalala (from the PHE Madagascar Network) we talk about how conservation and reproductive rights organizations in Madagascar work together to make a lasting change in people’s daily lives and biodiversity. 

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Step by step, we can help women spread their wings and fly! Check out how one grassroots nonprofit in Venezuela has helped over 70,000 with family planning and reached over 80,000 young people with reproductive health workshops.

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