Jump into the craft of interviewing!

Are you a journalist, blogger, podcaster, YouTube creator, content marketer, or communications or HR specialist? Maybe you’re simply someone who wants to have better conversations with people and understand:

  • How to start an interview with someone
  • How to lead an interview
  • How to ask questions to get information
  • How to ask questions the smart way

Then you might be interested in Ask Great Questions, Get Great Answers: A Content Creator’s Guide to Amazing Interviews, an interviewing guide that teaches you the interview process step by step. The book is based on 7+ years of my hands-on experience having inspiring, multi-disciplinary conversations with people.

So what exactly can you expect to learn? Well, pretty much everything about the art of the interview, namely:

  • how to get people to agree to the interview
  • how to prepare for interviews,
  • how to conduct a rewarding interview (for you, your interviewee, and your audience),
  • how to do text, audio, and video post-production
  • how to promote interviews
  • how to develop your skills long-term – information you won’t find anywhere else.

The book has earned really good reviews on GoodReads and is available for 5.49 USD on Amazon and Smashwords, where you also can download a sample.