Arthur Sniegon: We Can Still Save African Elephants. Here’s How

Even though the elephant population decline is a gigantic problem – only 415,000 elephants remain compared to 10 million in 1930 – there are ways to protect this iconic species. The nonprofit Save Elephants, in collaboration with EAGLE Network (organizations fighting corruption and wildlife crime), have seen some success protecting elephants in Congo, Cameroon and Chad. 

On this episode, Arthur Sniegon, the founder of Save Elephants, talks about:  

  • why elephants are being killed in Africa and why poaching is the biggest threat
  • how beehive fences mitigate conflict between small-scale farmers and migratory elephants in Chad
  • what it’s like to investigate the illegal market with ivory in Congo and Cameroon
  • why better law enforcement is a strong tool in a toolkit to fight elephant poaching
  • how detection dogs are used to prevent ivory and bushmeat smuggling

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Illustration by Veronika Perková